Self Contained Systems


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Self Contained Systems

Self Contained Systems are manufactured specially for all types of marine vehicles of different sizes. Cooling is provided by circulating seawater in Cu-Ni pipes. It includes all main elements such as electrical panel, sea water condenser, compressor, evaporator and fan motor on a chassis. Self Contained System unit can be mounted under the living spaces such as cupboard interiors and bed benches.

The room air is absorbed by the evaporator for cooling or heating, and is transferred to the room through the blowing vents located on the top of the chambers. Compressors are selected as rotary or hermetic according to the device capacities. The operation of the system in hot and cold positions is provided by 4-way valves. The temperature of the areas where the devices are mounted is controlled by digital thermostats.

When the space used reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat system will manage to keep the cabinet temperature constant. The devices are secured by low and high pressure processes against possible malfunctions. The sensors stop the system before the malfunction occurs and eliminate possible damages.